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رقم الإعلان: GW 2662
1,500 دولار / شهر
الشقق / للإيجار
نوع الوحدة:
السعر الشهرى:
1,500 دولار
حالة الأثاث:
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180 مترمربع
رقم الطابق:
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Greens View
Residential Licenece
آخر تحديث:
Sun 18 Feb 2018

Egypt Real Estate , Giza , Cairo Alex Road , City View Compound
Apartment , Fully Furnished , 1st Floor , 180m
3 Receptions , 2 Bedroom + Living Room , 2 Bathrooms
Reception Floor : Ceramic Flooring
Bedroom Floor : Ceramic Flooring
Finishing : Superlux , American Kitchen
Air Conditioning , Garage , Garden view
Rent For 1500$
*Garden View from large Balcony
*Kitchen with double doors onto dining area
*Door separating bedrooms & bathrooms area for added privacy
* New Furniture & upholstery* All equipment is new and some are still under warrantee
* All rooms have both direct and gentle indirect lighting
* Well chosen eclectic & exotic art prints in all areas
* Many hand-made , ethnic and antique items & furnishings add character & warmth
* Rounded arches & Multi levels* Living room can easily be turned into a comfortable third bedroom or guestroom
* Elegant/Practical Marble Counter tops , vanity shelves , steps & platforms
* Plenty of storage space in ALL rooms , kitchen and other areas
* Private Bathroom in Main Bedroom with Large Corner Bathtub
* High pressure water* Mosquito netting on ALL windows
* TV/telephone sockets in all rooms* Elevator
* Garden includes walking/jogging tracks (safe for children)* Gardens include shaded areas , park benches , reflecting pool & waterfalls , palms , rich vegetation & flowers
* Join the Cityview Clubhouse and enjoy all the recreational and sports facilities offered


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